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What Can You Learn from Political Marketing Campaigns?

It’s always a little risky to mix politics with marketing. That said, there aren’t a lot of differences between the two industries. Politicians have to sell themselves to the American public. They’re all about results because those results include a significant chunk of power over governmental legislation. Enter, political marketing campaigns.

While it’s safer to stay out of the political quagmire of our modern moment, you can still learn some things from the politicians whose campaigns have made a national – and international – splash.


Communication Requires Work

The vast majority of politicians can speak eloquently. You need to be able to if you want to represent the United States and not cause an international incident. There’s a difference, though, between using a litany of big words and communicating effectively with constituents.

That’s why the vast majority of politicians keep their language accessible. You’ll find that those who speak at a 6th to 7th-grade reading level, such as Beto O’Rourke, find the most common ground with constituents.

Non-political marketers need to do the same. While you never want to underestimate the intelligence of your audience, you don’t want to bamboozle them with language that they don’t use frequently. Inaccessible language becomes jargon, and an overuse of jargon rarely results in sales.


Attack from all Angles

The politician is also a commendable multi-tasker. When election season rolls around, you’ll spot campaign ads on every social media platform, every television channel, and on your cell phone’s apps. It’s political marketing at its finest.

Business owners need to utilize the same methods to reach their audience effectively. However, the cost of that much advertising can be daunting. Even so, the results make the ROI more than worth the initial price tag. If you can get news about your business on the radio, television, and all across social media, you’ll be far more likely to build a positive business reputation and sales portfolio.



Find Your Identity

Even as you’re spreading the word about your business across multiple platforms, you need to maintain your business’ identity. Politicians do this by solidifying themselves behind a slogan. In the case of Barack Obama, that slogan was, “Yes, We Can.” No matter what platform you heard about Obama on, his image was likely accompanied by that identifying motto.

To build up your business’ identity, you can take the Obama route and craft a clever slogan for your business. Identity, however, takes many forms. Make sure you keep your business’ color scheme, advertising medium, and goals in mind when crafting your advertisements. Consistency is key if you want to encourage audience-wide brand recognition.

Politics may be a minefield, but each candidate has a marketing team helping him or her move toward a governmental end-goal. If you take the time to assess the way politicians are communicating with their constituents, you’ll be able to spot replicable marketing tactics that’ll bring consumers to your business just as quickly as ads bring voters to the booths.



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Image attribution: Rawpixel.com – stock.adobe.com