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The Rise of the Small Business City

In the era of e-commerce, it’s surprising to learn that location can still impact the ways a business succeeds. Yes, location matters—but not in the ways that you’d expect.

Small business growth make up 48 percent of the United States’ workforce. That number is striking in its own right, but even more striking? The growing wave of real-life cities that are helping small businesses thrive.

Did yours make the list? How can you foster small-business growth in your city?


A Shift in Attention

Move over, big city—hello, small town charm. 2019’s “Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business growth” list focuses on the benefits of smaller populations, shorter commute times, and lower incomes.

The main takeaway?

There’s never been a better time to be a small business owner. You don’t need to reach out to third-party sellers or move to a metropolitan hotspot to find success. Thanks to an evolving economy, you can make a healthy living with your small business growth, exactly where you are.


Small Town, Big Business

The top cities on Go.Verizon.com’s list include Sarasota and Coral Gables, Florida, along with Logan and South Jordan, Utah. What is it about these cities that’s driving the focus on locality?


  • Tax breaks. While budgeting is a part of every business’ daily maintenance, there aren’t many tax breaks available to online-only businesses. Small businesses in small towns, however, have a plethora of tax breaks that can save significant money long-term. With more money saved, these small businesses have greater room to grow and more financial sway over the national economy.
  • Less competition. Small businesses that focus on a localized consumer population don’t have to worry about competing with internationally-known businesses for attention. The scope of those small businesses isn’t international but rather communal. A small business that capitalizes on its locality—both online and through real-time marketing campaigns—can grow within the realm of its location.
  • The benefit of reputation: The majority of consumers expect and appreciate the charm and cheer of a small business growth. Localized marketing can help you capitalize on the perceived reputation of your small businesses to secure a consistent revenue stream.
  • A sustainable push. Sustainability is on the rise internationally, and big businesses have begun to push sustainable alternatives to their long-ingrained products. Due to the sustainability of “shopping local,” small businesses with local audiences only stand to benefit from this push. More and more consumers look to their hometowns for shopping opportunities. It’s the perfect opportunity to thrive where your international competition cannot.


Small Businesses and Economic Booms

With the nation’s attention on economic growth, that near-half of the economy needs to continue to thrive. Small business owners have the opportunity not only to boost the economy of their smaller-town places—but they can also play a special role in putting those city names on the map.


It’s proof that you can find success without having to move away from home. You can grow your city, and your small business, at the same time.


Small Businesses and Local SEO

Search engines have recently begun to push a focus on business locality. Local SEO contributes significantly to your business’ SERP ranking. While fostering a business in one of Go.Verizon’s top 10 towns might put you up against fierce competition, this list reveals the places in the United States that have the strongest local SEO networks.

When it comes to homegrown success, it’s not just one particular business who can benefit from building a local stronghold. Every surrounding business in the same town has the potential to take advantage of a growing economy.


Can You Find Local Success?

You don’t have to move to any of the towns on this particular list, or lists like it, to grow your business. Locality, though, does play a significant role in the kind of growth your business will see.

Put the power of local SEO and small-town thinking behind your company, and you might be surprised by the positive impact on your revenue stream.



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