are you using CRM incorrectly?

Learn How to Use Your CRM in Five Minutes or Less

Customer relationship management technology, or CRM business’ wingman. This technology will help you maintain relationships with consumers and generate new leads.

Any savvy marketer can come up with the same results, though, right? Not necessarily. Customer relationship management boosts your revenue by 41 percent for every salesperson you have on staff.


The Bad News Is, You’re Probably Not Using Your CRM Correctly.

The good news is that you’re not alone. As many as 43 percent of businesses are in the same boat. That’s why it’s important to discuss strategies that can make all of us more effective CRM advocates.

When you make the most out of your management tools, you’ll see more than just a significant boost in your revenue. Consumers will develop better relationships with your business, and you’ll be able to generate consumer loyalty all the faster.

With a few concrete changes around the office, why not change the way you use your CRM business?


Set Your Goals Early

To use your CRM tool effectively, you need a strategy. To build a strong marketing strategy, you need a clear goal. You’ll need to establish your marketing goals early on in the relationship management process.

Different CRM goals can include:


  • Increased platform traffic
  • Higher attendance at a business event
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved sales of existing products or services
  • Fewer consumer complaints
  • More readily-available consumer testimonials and conversation

The paths toward these goals can differ and transform over the course of several months. If you create a CRM team with one of these goals in mind, though, it’ll be far easier for that team to stay on task and generate the results you want to see.



Communicate with Your Peers

Customer relationship management is all about the customer. A CRM cannot operate as a solitary task force because the team’s focus is social in nature. That’s why a CRM team needs to be encouraged to communicate.

Your CRM business deals with a significant amount of data over the course of a day. While you don’t need updates on small trend changes, encourage your team to send you reports to keep you abreast on their progress. Likewise, make sure they’re comfortable brainstorming with one another. The team doesn’t have to jive all the time – conflict can be a great source of new ideas. However, your employees need to communicate frequently to prevent the whole of the team from reinventing the CRM wheel.


Implement Change Slowly

If your CRM notes that a certain element of your operation is making life more difficult for your consumers, don’t panic. The problems that CRM detects can’t be patched with duct tape.

Instead, work with your team to set an implementation schedule. You should integrate new CRM policies and fixes over an extended period. When you do, you prevent revenue shock and customer discomfort while also lessening the learning curve your other employees will have to endure.


Put the Consumer First

Above all else, make sure your CRM team puts the consumer first. Consumers are valuable for different reasons in different industries. Identify that element, and your CRM creates targeted policies.

Maintaining and properly using a CRM team is all about communication and revision. There are always ways to improve the way your CRM operates. Once you start taking those steps forward, you can optimize until customer relationship management runs like clockwork.



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