balancing business jargon in B2B

Do You Need Jargon in Your B2B Content?

Now, I won’t deny, sometimes in b2b content marketing jargon is useful. It can help you stay on top of business conversations and give you a more authoritative voice.

Industry-specific terms can also be alienating. If you throw around “business-ese” in a content marketing campaign, you might risk losing some of your audience.

So, how do you find a jargon balance?

Content Direction and Jargon

When it comes to choosing the direction you want your content to go in and terms that won’t overwhelm your readers, you need to think carefully about word choice. The good news is that there are resources that’ll clue you in to some of the most commonly used jargon terms of 2019.

You’ll recognize most of these (backlink, Big Data, CTR) but no matter how industry-relevant they are, you can’t weave them into your content without careful thought.

The real value of your jargon terms primary depends upon your content’s direction. When crafting a post, ask yourself:

  • What audience will be reading this content?
  • Should this piece be universally accessible or peer-oriented?
  • How have I integrated non-jargon value into this piece?
  • Will this piece still be valuable in a month? Two months? A year?
  • What message about a product or business should this post share?

Jargon and B2B Audiences

Posts directed towards B2B audiences can have more jargon, but only jargon that’s been chosen thoughtfully. Consider the phrase, “cutting edge,” for example. While this phrase is useful when you’re trying to describe new technology, it still has the potential to alienate a B2B audience.


Why? Because as an industry professional, you shouldn’t have to rely upon catch phrases to attract client attention. Instead of using a phrase that’s vague, such as “cutting edge,” you can use more product-specific descriptors to let your audience know that your product has evolved.

Impress Your Audience with Valuable Content

Most of the time, business owners rely upon jargon to impress peers and consumers. Don’t hide behind your industry’s catchphrases. Creating valuable b2b content does more for your industry credibility than keyword stuffing or jargon ever will.

What makes your content valuable?

  • Perceived authority, as dictated by content topic and length
  • Actionability, or a CTA that pushes your audience to act through purchases or other means
  • Sharability
  • The potential for revisitation, like a FAQ page or glossary

If you focus on creating strong, purposeful content, your audience’s respect will come.


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