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Building Your Content Management Toolbox

The wonderful thing about living in the age of the internet is that, for marketers, there are dozens of content management tools that help organize content. While these tools can impact a marketer’s budget, those budgets are expanding to make people’s lives easier.


There are dozens of options, though. How do you choose?

Which tools are the most useful? What do marketers like you most need? Keep reading, and you might be able to make a decision.


Versatile Editors

Customization is the name of the game across all industries. When you’re facing a time crunch, you need to work with software that allows you to create unique content quickly and easily.

This is where a tool such as HubSpot comes in handy. HubSpot is a useful piece of content management software. Its interface allows you to quickly create Facebook ad campaigns, landing pages, or content marketing blogs. Not only can you modify the aesthetic of these pages, but you can also use the platform’s A/B testing to keep track of your content’s analytics. HubSpot specializes in individualization across all industries, making it one of the most useful pieces of software in a marketer’s toolkit.


Platform Testers

There’s more to marketing than customization, though. Once a page or campaign is crafted, you need to ensure that the layout looks right, the headlines don’t disappear, and everything operates as it should. Without the ability to test the structure of a page, you risk publishing faulty content and damaging your brand’s credibility.

VWO serves as a successful A/B tester. While, unlike HubSpot, it doesn’t dabble with page customization, it does allow you to check your conversion rates and page optimization. Partner its expansive testing interface with its SmartStats feature, and you’ll find that you can optimize your pages with ease.


Collaborative Software

The benefits of collaborative marketing have long been debated in competitive industries. However, whether your marketing team is looking to work together after hours or you’re partnering with a peer, you may find yourself in need of software that allows multiple people to work together on complex designs.


Enter WordPress. WordPress remains one of the most popular platform hosts online. If you’re looking to include multiple people in the creation of marketing materials, WordPress and its plethora of plugins provide you with an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from anywhere. There are no member caps for platforms. You can integrate plugins into your platform to dig into the details of a campaign. Most importantly, though, multiple people can collaborate on WordPress projects. In industries still experimenting with collaborative marketing, that opportunity is a golden ticket.


Easy Platform Integration

Last but not least, marketers need software that they can readily integrate into pre-existing platforms. Software that compromises the aesthetic or architecture of a business’ website sometimes isn’t worth the hassle of site reorganization, especially if that reorganization delays sales.

That’s where software such as Pardot comes in handy. Pardot operates through the cloud. You can readily integrate its email marketing and ROI reporting tools into an existing platform without having to change a line of HTML yourself.

You don’t have to seek out new and flashy software to meet the marketing needs of today. As long as you’re working with software that meets your needs, you can keep up with the changes in any industry.



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