Augmented Reality Marketing


Provide a unique and fun user experience with Augmented Reality technology. At MV3, we’ll guide your customers through a memorable journey of trying before buying, allowing clients to learn the ins and outs of your brand.

Augmented Reality Marketing

More layers for the players.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the latest marketing techniques to build a buzz around your brand. By building layers of digital information on top of the real world, AR technology allows your users to see products, statistics, avatars and a bunch of other cool stuff directly through visual, auditory and haptic feedback.

Remember a little game called Pokémon GO? Developers used AR technology and mobile device cameras to layer game characters over real-world environments, and this mainstream implementation of AR took the world by storm. In only one week after the viral craze, Nintendo’s share price increased by a whopping 86 percent.

By 2020, the AR market is expected to grow to around $90 billion. The innovative technology has its uses across multiple industries—we’ll help you take your slice of the pie.

Let them spy with their little eyes.

Also in 2020, smart augmented-reality glasses are projected to reach around 5.4 million units. Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said that AR tech will one day be as important to people as eating three meals a day.

We’ll use AR tech to give your prospective customers a unique, fun way to see your products and services in more detail. Imagine if your customers could use the power of AR to see what your products look like before they purchase.

We use advanced AR tech to build trust and eliminate consumer’s confusion, by letting your customers try before they buy. If homeowners are redecorating and searching through hundreds of shades of blue, they’ll be able to use their phone’s camera to see the color come to life on their walls, eliminating guesswork for your customers and solidifying your sales.

We know the value of building sustainable relationships with customers by offering solutions to their problems.

Augmented Reality Marketing
Augmented Reality Marketing

We keep our fingers on your target’s pulse.

A successful marketing strategy connects a brand to an audience through a message—it’s Marketing 101. We’ll relay your message through an innovative, memorable and fun interaction, delivering an exceptional customer experience that grabs your customer’s attention and keeps them engaged for longer.

When customers can use their phone’s camera to look at your products and promotional materials, you give them better specifications of your inventory items and help them make more informed decisions.

In a modern era of technology, your customers want information at their fingertips. We let AR do all of the work so you can take all the glory.

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