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In 2008, MV3 Marketing made its small beginning as a company focused on delivering quality marketing strategies for businesses. From 2008 to 2012, MV3 homed in on E-commerce development, specializing in helping Amazon sellers and online stores manage and boost sales. 2010 meant great changes in the world of visual marketing, and MV3 took to the challenge by introducing programmatic advertising in the form of video and display campaigns. In 2012, MV3 began to expand into web development, which meant delving into the exciting world of web design, marketing automation, and content marketing. Also in 2012, MV3 adapted to online trends by launching specialized social media marketing and performance advertising, including affiliate marketing. In 2014, MV3 expanded on affiliate marketing services, and in 2015 mobile advertising and new kinds of search engine optimization were introduced to the list of available services. MV3 tightened their approach to inbound marketing in 2016 in the form of lead generation and viral marketing. 2018 has been a huge year for MV3 so far, as many new services have been introduced. Social media marketing, AR/VR marketing and advertising, and even AI marketing were all introduced as of this year. MV3 is committed to bringing you the most modern ways to succeed online and is therefore excited to announce the introduction of support for AI advertising, in-game advertising, and location-based advertising, scheduled to launch in 2019.

2008-2012 E-commerce Marketing

2010 Programmatic Advertising (Video, Display, and Native Advertising)

2012 Digital Marketing (Web Design and Development, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Automation)

2012 Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)

2012 Performance Advertising (Affiliate Advertising)

2014 Performance Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

2015 Mobile Advertising (In-App, App-to-app, and Web-to-app Advertising, Apple Search Ads)

2015 Search Engine Optimization (App Store Optimization and Programmatic SEO)

2016 Inbound Marketing (Lead Generation, Influencer Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing, Ringless Voicemail)

2018 Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube Marketing)

2018 AR/VR Marketing (Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing)

2018 Artificial Intelligence Marketing (Chatbox Marketing, Digital Assistant, Personalization, and Automated SEO)

2018 AR/VR Advertising (Augmented and Virtual Reality Advertising)

Coming to MV3 in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence Advertising (Chatbox, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Baidu Duer, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Autonomous Targeting, and Autonomous Media Buying)

In-Game Advertising (Dynamic and Static In-Game Advertising, Advergames, Playable Ads, Rewarded Video Ads, Offerwall, and Interstitial Ads)

Location-Based Advertising (Geo-Fence Advertising, IP Targeting, and OTT Advertising)



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